Pinterest Develops Vimeo Integration


Pinterest, one of the most current social media platforms, has facilitated the integration of vimeo content. This comes hot on the heels of youtube integration, which opened up the platform to the largest video sharing site on the Web.

What is interesting about this latest integration, is the nature of vimeo as opposed to youtube. While the technical functions of vimeo and youtube are very similar, the nature of the content hosted on the two sites can be very different. Vimeo is known for hosting high quality content, often produced by professionals for companies, or organisations. This is opposed to a greater focus on amateur, user-generated content on youtube.

The implications of this are significant. Brands that rely on visual communications to sell their products or communicate their messages, can combine photographic and video content in a simple yet effective way. Designers, caterers, artists, venues, and more, should take an interest in Pinterest. Now enriched with vimeo integration, it is a great platform to deliver a visual message. Whether it’s someone looking for a wedding dress, or an organisation seeking a venue for a conference, pictures speak a thousand words. And videos speak thousands more.


About hanifleylabi

MA PR student at the University of Sunderland, and graduate of the University of Leeds with a BA in Politics and Parliamentary Studies. I have experience in non commercial PR, having worked as an Events and Communications Assistant for a non-profit organisation based in London. Also have experience in political PR having completed at internship as a Junior Member's Assistant to a Member of the Canadian Parliament. Top of the national #socialstudent influence list for 16 of 18 weeks. I have a keen interest in social media, catering, travel and all things food related!
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