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Employers Request Social Media Passwords

We all know that our online footprint is important. What you tweet from the comfort of your bedroom can potentially be viewed from every bedroom in the world. It has not been uncommon in the last few years to hear … Continue reading

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The Internet or Sex. What would you choose?!

A survey by the Boston Consulting Group has revealed that 25% of Britons would rather give up sex than the internet. The rather startling figure was accompanied by the equally shocking statistic that 65% of people would choose the internet … Continue reading

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Tweets that Come back to Haunt You

The footballing community was shocked last week, when Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed during a Premier League match against Tottenham at White Heart Lane. Bolton and Tottenham fans alike watched in horror as it became increasingly clear that Muamba the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Arabic and Persian Twitter!

Twitter announced this week that it is launching new foreign language versions of its micro-blogging site, this time for languages written from right to left. This BBC article tells of how 13 000 volunteers helped to translate the social media … Continue reading

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Social Media: Presence is not Enough

Social media has transformed how we communicate. From multi national corporations, right through to pressure groups, social media platforms have become increasingly key to integrated communications systems. However, as this blog shall explore, simply having a social media presence is … Continue reading

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